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BLOG | 15.06.2024

Personalising Your Wedding: Make Your Big Day Uniquely Yours

Planning a wedding is all about creating a day that reflects you and your partner’s unique love story. We believe that personal touches are what make weddings truly memorable, and will leave your guests talking about your day for YEARS to come! To help with planning your special day, we’ve put together a few ideas for adding that personal flair.

1. Custom Invitations

Start with your invitations – they’re the first glimpse your guests get of your wedding style. Choose a design that reflects your theme and personality. Whether it’s pops of your favourite colours,, a custom monogram, or a photo of your favourite furry family members, personalised invites set the tone for a unique celebration.

2. Individual Vows and Readings

Your ceremony is the heart of your wedding. Writing your own vows or choosing readings that have special meaning to you can make it deeply personal. It’s a beautiful way to share your love story with your guests - and there won’t be a dry eye in the house! Pass us the tissues.


3. Storytelling Through Décor

Incorporate decorative elements that tell your story. Display photos from your relationship around the venue, use your favourite books as centrepieces, or name tables after places you’ve travelled together. You could even choose a specific theme for your big day based on a joint hobby or interest. It’s these personal touches that make your wedding uniquely yours.


4. Personalised Signage

On the day of your wedding, personalised signage can guide guests and add a charming touch. Think custom welcome signs, directional signs, and even fun facts about you both scattered throughout the venue. These little details can spark conversations and add to the ambiance. We also love alternative table plans or name place cards that include a handwritten note to each guest

5. Favourite Foods

If the ceremony is the heart of a wedding, the wedding breakfast has got to be the soul! Everyone will be looking forward to a good meal during the wedding breakfast, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be a fine-dining experience. Why not dish up your favourite foods ‘sharing style’ at the tables for an informal guest experience, or even bring in different food trucks for something a bit different. Serve both of your favourite desserts as a great way to personalise the final course or, if you are both BIG sweet tooths, choose a dessert table full of tasty treats that you both love.

6. Thoughtful Favours

Send your guests home with a token of your gratitude. Personalised wedding favours, like candles with your wedding date, custom cookies, or small potted plants, offer a memorable touch. Try your hand at making your wedding favours yourself for the ultimate personal touch!

7. Untraditional attire

How you feel in your wedding attire is so important, and whilst we love a traditional white dress or three piece suit, there are so many more options to create a look that’s completely unique to you that you feel fabulous in! Add bold colours, patterns, or quirky accessories such as a feathered hat, trainers, or embroidered jacket - the possibilities are endless. Coordinate items with your partner to help you stand out together and get your guests talking.

8. Entertainment

A final way to make your wedding truly unique to you is with your chosen entertainment. Maybe it’s by hiring your favourite local band and getting them to perform a personal rendition of YOUR song, or you could become the headline act with a special show for your guests. Think about different entertainment ideas throughout your wedding day such as including your pets or other animals during the ceremony, or having a live illustrator during the drinks reception. There are so many fun entertainment options to choose from!


We hope these ideas get your creative juices flowing to make your wedding the most special, unique day to you. Happy Planning!

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